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Five Myths About Metal Roofing Debunked

Jan 10

Although metal roofing is a popular choice in Pittsburgh however, there are several misconceptions. We'll look to dispel these 5 common myths.

Metal Roofs can be loud

People often talk about how they are awestruck by the sound of rain falling on a roof made of tin. We've had sheds in the rainy season and had to call out in order to be heard above the sound. This is why it's not surprising that the notion that metal roofs can be noisy has taken hold. The Contractor for Metal roofing Pittsburgh won't tell you that it is impossible to hear the rain when it rains, but it shouldn't be an issue and should not interfere with your daily life. The level of noise is low when you have insulated ceilings, and there's plenty of roof space between your roof and your roof. You won't even have to boost the volume of the TV or radio, but it's going to have to be a major hailstorm to wake you up at night.

Metal Roofs Rust

It's the same as saying that rain falling on roofs made an awful sound. We've all seen them. How many roofs have rusted through? The days of corrugated steel covered by a regular coat of paint have long passed. Those rusty roofs you may have noticed with peeling paint be well over fifty years old. They might have even been able to keep out rain for more than a century. These days metal is much more durable than it was and it is highly likely that you'll witness it slowly becoming corroded in the course of your life. Yes, roofs made of metal do eventually rust , but this is not a problem for the future.

Metal Roofs can get too hot and cold

We all know how hot steel fence panels can be in the sunlight and also how cold they feel in winter. Tin sheds can be extremely hot and cold. However, the truth is that metal roofs are reflective, and they don't hold the same amount of heat as tiles made of concrete or terracotta do. They also shed heat quickly and efficiently, which is the main advantage. Metal roofs cool down quicker than tiles and will also warm up quicker. Together with a high-quality insulation, you will not have issues with extreme temperatures when you opt for a steel roof.

Storms are not good for metal roofing

A sheet of roofing iron is an integral aspect of the cyclone. Roofs that are not properly or correctly installed sheets are not something you want to be around during severe storms However, you might be surprised to discover that metal roofs are an ideal option so provided they are secured. Another misconception is that metal roofs are more susceptible to hail damage. Conditions that are extreme can result in dents, but they can also break or even crush tiles.

You can't Walk on Metal Roofs

If the roof is properly supported it shouldn't be a problem walking on roofs made of metal. While they're unlikely to sustain damages or dents however, we suggest that you utilize a safety harness in order to ensure your safety when walking on roofs that are pitched. Roofs aren't always safe to walk on.

The reality about modern-day metal roofing is that it is an exceptional and long-lasting roofing material with no serious negatives. It's no wonder why it is so well-known.

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