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Repair, Patch, Or Replace? Which Option Is Right For My Roof?

Jul 16

Maintaining your roofing means that it will take care of you. It safeguards your home and you. It is the most formidable enemy of weather, which can result in damage from hail or snow, wind, or rain. What is the right time to replace your roof and when you can be content with repairs? Each year, have your roof checked by roofing professionals in your area to see what condition it is in.

Signs to Watch Out for

The roofing company in Kansas City is able to get onto your roof and determine exactly what you need to accomplish. You can also look out for signs similar to these. These are signs to look for in the event of severe weather.

You are not getting shingles

  • Leaks

  • Shingles that are cracked or curving at the edges

  • Mold or algae

  • Sagging roof

  • The sun's rays or the water's coming through the roof

  • Rotting shingles

  • Colored shingles that have discoloration

  • The loss of granules, or the falling off the shingles

This can be caused by the weather , or simply wear and wear and. Damage can be done to your roof by falling branches or other debris during storms. This could be due to the fact that your roof is getting old.

How to Repair Your Roof

The majority of storms will cause small number of damaged or missing shingles that need to be replaced. A fallen tree could cause them to get knocked off or even break. This problem could be limited to one or two locations.

If you've experienced a minor leak, you might be able to have it repaired. Only if there's just one tiny leak. Also, it's crucial to discover it in time before it causes a lot of harm.

Asphalt roofs can be repaired many times over. It's cheap and easy to work with. However, it does not last longer than other materials.


When to Replace

It's nearly inevitable that a home with a sagging or wet roof will require replacement. Make sure all damage and damp are removed, even if it is confined to a tiny area.

Up until the end, stone, slate, tile and wood roofs can be great. When they begin to deteriorate then it's time to change the entire roof. It's a worthwhile expense as slate roofs can last for many years.


Metal roofs are strong and require very little maintenance. It is better to replace them when they're worn out.


Asphalt roofs can be inexpensive. It is possible to replace them with a stronger material. Although they are easy to put up, it's likely that you will need to continue doing so.

Get An Inspection

A regular inspection is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your roof. An annual inspection is the most effective method to obtain a complete picture of the roof's state of repair. It is easier to repair the roof if you get there quickly.


To ensure that there were no issues in the winter, plan an inspection with commercial roofing companies in Kansas. You will then be prepared for summer rains hitting your roof but not through it.


Storm Contracting can help you with roof repairs or a completely new roof. We have been serving Kansas City and the surrounding area for many years. We provide quick, efficient service at a fair rate.

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